jeudi 10 juin 2010

Sipping Jetstreams - Taylor Steele

Castles in the Skyy... A movie by Taylor Steele, production Sipping Jetstreams Media... LE TOP ...!! Enjoy

Sipping Jetstreams is anything but the norm. With a sense of natural whit and an eye for beauty, this romantic surf novel unfolds throughout the worlds most untouched destinations with today's best surfers, period.
Teamed with famed TW Surf photographer Dustin Humphries, Sipping journeys uncharted routes from Egypt to Greece, Italy to the Caribbean, Cuba to Japan all the while capturing the happenings and personalities of today's most sought after athletes in a never seen before platform.
Athletes Include: Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Dane Reynolds, Bruce Irons, Rizal Tangjung, Benji Weatherly, Shane Dorian and many, many more

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